Wednesday 12 September 2012

iPhone 5 Announced

iPhone 5 Announcement So It was announced today that the iPhone 5 will hit the market on the 21st September 2012, many of us Australians want to know will it work with the 4G LTE network over here, whilst there hasn't been any mention of this on the Telstra website, it looks pretty likely that it will be, if like me your on a 24 month plan and you got the Iphone 4s then you will have at least another 12 months to wait (SIGH) lol, Although this is not a bad thing as it will no doubt have issues when it first comes out.
Iphone 5
So what can we expect from the new iPhone 5
Below is a list of known features
Bigger Screen - 4 Inch Diagonal Screen
New Mini Dock Connector
New Charging Cable to go with the new dock connector
More Ram - 1GB of ram apposed to the 512MB in the 4s
Newer Processor - The new Apple A6 processor
Slimmer Design
Slightly Taller to accomodate the bigger screen
Iphone 5
New Charging / Data Cable
Iphone 5
New Charging Dock and also looks slightly longer

Check back for more info as soon as i get it, this release is expected again to make apple lots of money and more apple fans but we will have to wait and find out.

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