Thursday 27 September 2012

Stop Automatic eBay Seller Fees taken by paypal

Remove eBay's Automatic Payments from Paypal

If like me you like to sell the odd thing or two on eBay  you will have noticed that recently eBay changed their policies and you now have to have Automatic payment method setup before you can list items for sale.

This can be a pain as the fees automatically come out of your associated bank account or off your debit/credit card at random times and you may not have the funds available at that time, you still have to put this information in there before it will allow you to list your items, but who is to say that you cant remove that out of Paypal after you have listed your items.

I don't mind having to pay my seller fees to eBay using Paypal but i would like to pay them when it suits me and being paid monthly usually means that i get close to the red line come the end of the month and that usually when eBay decides they want their money, gone have the old days when they would email you an invoice and tell you when the money had to be paid by, they just up and take the money when they feel like it.

To get around this one its simple we just need to remove the Automatic Payment from with in paypal but i hear you speak where the hell is it !!! it took me a while to figure it out and eventually i found where it was, follow the steps below and you will soon be free of this predicament.

Login to the Paypal website with your details and when it has loaded into "My Account" click on the Profile option on the right hand side of the screen like the image below.

When you are in the Profile section you have four options on the left hand side, My Personal Info, My Money, My Settings and My Selling Tools, we want to be on the My Money tab and then click on Update on the My pre-approved payments option as per the image below.

In there you will see eBay International AG and the status to the side of it will say Active go ahead and click on the eBay International AG, once it has loaded up you will see that the status says active and there is a Cancel button. click on cancel and this will then cancel the automatic payment you will also receive and email from Paypal telling you that you have just cancelled the payment agreement.

You can now relax knowing that eBay or Paypal will not be taking any money out of your account until you are ready to pay them yourself, please note that you wont be able to list items again until you re-enter the details back into eBay, but if you do not sell a lot of items then this wont be a big issue.

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