Monday 8 October 2012

Ever wanted to talk to your friends through your hand

Ever wanted to talk to your friends through your hand

Yes that is right we have all done it, pretended that we were talking to someone on the phone using our hand as the telephone.

Well an Italian company has made this a part reality through their new invention called the hi-call this is a glove with Bluetooth connectivity that you can link to your phone and talk as if you were a kid.

Below are the specifications for the Hi-Call, They are available for purchase from their website and cost 50 Euros ($70), although these would not be very good if you were driving as you would still be pulled over for talking on the phone, but are a great idea for the winter strolls in the park.


The glove phone! 
hi-Call Bluetooth is a glove that allows you to talk on the phone "at your fingertips". 
The left glove is equipped with a speaker and a microphone sewn in the thumb and little finger, respectively, and so, with a simple gesture, you can talk on the phone protecting you from the cold and all your wonderful friends. 
Warm and snug, perfect for all kinds of sports, from skiing to jogging, 
hi-Call, you can also use the touch screens of all smartphone thanks to the capacitive technology on the end of your finger and thumb.

Compatible with: all phones with Bluetooth technology

Operating range: 12 meters 
Standby time: 10 days 
Battery life Talk time: 20 hours 
Size: man and woman 
Dry clean 
Colours: black, gray 
Fabric: 95% polyacrylonitrile, 3% cotton, 2% polyester

Included in the package: 
microUSB to USB Charging Cable 
Instruction Manual

"From an idea by Alain Morelli"

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