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Thursday 20 September 2012

Scam Alert !!! Scam Alert !!!

Scam Alert !!! Scam Alert !!!

So today i received a phone call form a so called IT Support Company called Quantum PC Support, they called me from an unknown number and we very quick to tell me that my computer was sending them many many errors, shock horror!!!!.

I played along with them as to see what info they were trying to get from me, they even put on a Australian accent to make it sound so much more real, so she had me venture into my computer into computer management, then to Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application, which looks like the image below.


Now there will be errors in there 100% and they will try telling you that your computer is sending them these errors, these errors happen on every single computer and they are nothing to worry about 99% of the time, and they are definatley not being sent out to anyone over the internet (NOT EVEN TO MICROSOFT unless you press that send error report button when you  get an error on your screen).

They may even try telling you that they are from Microsoft, but Microsoft will never ring you for such reasons ever.

She didnt like it when i told her what my job was and that i knew that she was lying to try and get money out of me, she very abruptly put the phone down.

What they are ultimately after is you to buy their fake antivirus software from them and once they have your credit card details they can pretty much rob your bank.

This company has even gone as far as getting fake twitter and facebook accounts to fool you into thinking that they are a legitimate business, here in Australia all business's are required to have a ABN (Australian Business Number) for GST purposes of which this company does not.

So Remember if  you get any calls saying that your computer is sending out error messages to them, then it is 100% fake and they are just trying to scam you.

If you have had any of these phone calls please let us know and ill add them to my list of dodgy companies that are doing these scams.

This company is not just operating in Australian but also the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland. what makes it even more laughable is some of the spelling on their website and the fact that there is a banner at the top of the homepage saying that the will never just call you un-announced trying to sell you something !!!!