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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Windows 8 / Server 2012 No start menu ! here is a solution

Windows 8, Server 2008 Start Button

As windows 8 release is imminent you might or might not know that there is no start button, for some that are used to the old trusty start button fear not as there is a solution at hand.

The start button has been a prominent feature of windows since windows NT and windows 95, as Microsoft are stepping into a new world of touchscreen adn tablet computers, this could be an issue for many users who heavily rely on it.

From This 

To this

If you do buy a new PC or Laptop from the 26th of October you will more than likely have windows 8 Pre installed and if you are not wanting to learn all the new tips and tricks at the very beginning you will definateley want this app installed to help you get going.

Stardock have made applications for windows for years mainly the floating menu bar which gives you a Apple like bar at the top or bottom of the screen, the Start8 application can be purchased from stardocs website for $4.99 US to check it out click here.

If like me you will be staying away from this version of Windows as i believe it will be on the miss list, which us techies have been keeping for many years.

This will also work for Windows Server 2012 if you are an administrator this could be a breath of fresh air if your company insists on keeping upto date with the server side of things.

If you do get Windows 8 and you want to try this out let me know how you go.