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Thursday 3 December 2015

Windows 10 VPN using remote gateway FIX !!

I recently noticed an issue with windows 10 Pro when i was trying to connect to my vpn from home, i wanted to surf the internet but not use the remote gateway of the VPN connection, normally in previous versions of windows you could get into the TCPIP settings and tick the magic little box that uses the local gateway, so off i went and tried to do the same thing in windows 10 and i was unable to accomplish my task due to the fact that the properties button would not work for me when i tried to click on it. This is a known issue but it hasn't been fixed as of yet so a permanent fix for this is to do all the required changes in Powershell.

First things first you need to open up Powershell for those of you that haven't used this before its similar in the look and feel to a command prompt but a lot more powerful in what it can do, simply search for Powershell in your search box and click on Powershell when the search appears.
when in Powershell type or copy and paste the following command and press enter.


This will then show you the information about your VPN connection as per the image below
you will see that next to the option SplitTunneling it is set to False, this is what we need to change.

The next command you need to input into Powershell is below and also press enter to make the change.
Set-VpnConnection "Superkev VPN" -SplitTunneling 1

Change Superkev VPN to the name of your vpn (including the quotes) from the information in the first Powershell results window, as per image below.
To Confirm that the change has taken effect run the first command again and check that next to the SplitTunneling option that is says True as per image below.
That is all you need to do now you can be connected to your VPN and use the local internet gateway to surf away.